Tomas Franchini

I was born and I live in Madonna di Campiglio, a beautiful place between the Dolomites of Brenta and the granite of the massif “Adamello-Presanella.

I work as a mountain guide and a ski instructor. I travel for my passion and for work in alla round the wordl, always for discover and explore new mountains, different places and different cultures.

What do you like about Blue Ice philosophy

I like Blue Ice philosophy because it respect a lot the enviroment and the nature with the convinction of wild and pristine mountains; Blue Ice is forward thinking which is a great assett for a better future.

Your own definition of the word “Mountain”

“World mountain” for me is freedom and experience; my life, my home.

Your mountain speciality

In the mountains I do all…in the wet season ice and mixed climbing, ski touring and freeride; in the dry season rock climbing and long hiking.

Your best memory in the mountains

I have lots of memories of my experience in the mountains, is very difficult to choose one….maybe, my new mixed route in the Dolomites of Brenta open alone, by my self. “Passaggio Solista”. Was a great day pass alone, only me and the mountain.

Your worst memory in the mountains

One bad experience is happen few days ago when I’m worked in the massif of Mont Blanc, one man is fall from one rock. I saw his body rolling down from the wall…he lost the head and the legs…terrible!

A mountain ritual ?

Have a “lunch time” at the top of the peak.

Your favorite Blue Ice product

Dragonfly backpack 25l

Your dream route

To much dreams…for sure open a new routein a wild and unexplored place.

A climber who inspires you

I never look for a particular climber, I like the many experience that the climber have done around the wordl. I lke the strong stamina of the slovac climbers like Silvo Karo, Knez.

A mountain saying

The climbing difficul grade in the mountain noti s important…the only important grade, is the grade of Grappa!

Your secret spot for :

rock climbing: Poza Vecia (crag in my town Madonna di Campiglio)

ice climbing: Val Brenta (valley near my town)

ski touring; Adamello

mountain hut: Tuckett and Tosa-Pedrotti


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