The perfect alpine pack?

The Blue Ice athletes: specific needs world champions!  

Here in the Chamonix Valley, it’s very common to see the athletes passing by the Blue Ice Office. Which is great, because we have the opportunity to involve them in the product development and field testing process.

Recently, Helias Millérioux and Fred Dégoulet, of  “Le gang des moustaches” came by to share their backpack needs for the Nuptse (7,861m) south face. It must be:  

  1. LIGHT: At a high altitude, every gram count and the weight is asking us a lot of energy.

“A gram less is one meter more."


  1. TOUGH: We are going to raise it, to use it on the worst iced chimneys, well to wore it at it maximum.


  1. 40L is the perfect size balanced capacity and climbability. It’s still small, but you have enough room for 7 days on the face.  


  1. MINIMALIST: No useless frills.


  1. The  BONUS : a sleeping pad mat for the bivouacs.



 Say hello to the new 422 g prototype!

Blue Ice product designer, Irene Marcotti explains,   

“Blue Ice has a very nimble structure, so we can tailor to the athlete’s specific needs. We can be very reactive and this project was in line with our DNA: Light, Clean, Robust.

When I design a new project, I focus on these needs. Every product should be perfect for a climber.

In this case, I worked directly with the Gang des Moustaches. They had specifics and well-defined needs. Every accessory had a specific function. I took my knowledge from smaller packs and applied it to a bigger volume. The product had to be perfect. So, I worked with photos to and from the factory.

From the first idea to the final product it only took us 4 weeks! It was easy to work with the Moustaches, and a lot of fun!”


From Prototype to Product

This Nuptse edition pack will have an obvious effect on future designs. Extreme conditions and technical use at high altitude are the best laboratory available.



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