Robin Revest

Robin Revest is a 26-year-old French high-mountain guide, photographer and versatile alpinist, going from rock to ice and tackling the most advanced expeditions. A modest man, he excels in many fields and likes to share his experiences.

His background

Robin is from Toulon. He discovered climbing on the limestone rock faces of Southern France. His dad quickly started taking him along to explore high mountain terrain in the massif des Écrins. He repeatedly climbed normal routes and, at an age when many were getting ready to pursue advanced studies, he devoted himself entirely to alpinism with the idea of conquering more ambitious routes and becoming a guide.

He joined the men’s national alpinism team (ENAM) of the French Federation of Alpine Clubs (FFCAM), which took him to Alaska under the supervision of C. Moulin and Titi Gentet. This was the beginning of a passion for high performance.

He found in Hélias Millérioux THE best possible partner; together they’ve climbed the south face of the Aconcagua (6,692 m) in Argentina, the west face of Siula Chico (6,265 m) in Peru, and attempted the south face of Nuptse (7,860 m) in Nepal.

His philosophy

"I like all massifs as long as they offer real adventure and as long as the mountains are wild and hold promise of great moments. I admire my elders: Edlinger, Ueli Steck, Stéphane Benoist…"

Our meeting with him

Robin shares not only a rope but also a state of mind with one of our other ambassadors: Hélias Millérioux. Through our many meetings at the Mont Blanc Base Camp, a relationship was forged along with a shared vision for products. Robin has become a quality partner on many levels: through his projects, the images he brings back from his ascents and his technical advice.

Our shared values

- Humility: Robin talks more about other people’s exploits than about his own accomplishments. Curious and open-minded, he draws lessons from his partners’ experiences.

And that’s precisely how we strive to approach climbing: by gaining knowledge from our own experiences in this field and from our ambassadors, whose accomplishments never cease to amaze us.

- Technicality: When you climb 8b (5.13d) or M7 in higher altitudes as Robin does, every detail is critical. The placement of our gear loops, the ergonomics of our pack straps, weight… A “technical” vision allows for technological advancements.

Projects that have materialized

- East face of Moose’s Tooth (3,150m, Alaska), first ascent of Magic Mushrooms (ED 1,700m A3/M5+/ 90°) with Christophe Moulin, Estelle Dall’agnol and Max Bonniot

South face of the Aconcagua (6,692m, Argentina), French route (2,500m, V+, 70°) with Hélias Millérioux, December 13–15, 2012

- West face of Siula Chico (6,265m, Peru), first ascent of “Looking for the Void” (900m, WI6, M7) with Fred Degoulet, Ben Guigonnet and Hélias Millerioux, May 16–20, 2014

- Cleaning Pilier rouge du Brouillard and Pilier du Freiney with Fred Degoulet, July 2016

- South face of Nuptse (7,860 m, Nepal), attempting a new route with Hélias Millérioux, Fred Degoulet and Benjamin Guigonnet

- Numerous big alpine routes in the Alps, including five routes on the north face of Grandes Jorasses

- Clean: north faces trilogy on the Glacier noir (massif des Écrins)

- Sport climbing: 7c+ (5.13a) level on-sight, 8b (5.13d) redpoint


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