Pierre Hourticq

Pierre Hourticq

Twenty-eight-year-old Pierre Hourticq is an alpinist and ski instructor from the Pyrenees.

He is particularly interested in steep slopes, or “extreme skiing” as it’s known to most people, where there is no margin for error.

Carefully weighing all considerations, the experienced and deeply engaged Pierre Hourticq maintains a Pyrenean temperament where actions speak louder than words and images. That being said, he is also an excellent videographer who likes to share what makes him feel alive when he’s in the mountains.

His background

Originally from La Pierre Saint Martin in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region, he’ll earn his stripes as a skier by getting accepted into the Pôle Espoir Pyrénéen and by winning the Championnat des Pyrénées on multiple occasions.

A few years later, he moves to the Alps where he meets other talented young skiers, the likes of Florent Gex and Hélias Millérioux. He is now devoted to big mountain skiing and to conquering steep slopes. His vast technical expertise and his mountain-dweller philosophy allow him to perform exploits such as skiing down the Saudan couloir on the west face of Mont Blanc or Pain de Sucre and the south face of Les Courtes. Armed with images of his accomplishments, he decides to share this passion and to tell the story from within. His movie “Steep Tease” won many awards, namely for the spirit it promotes. As he completes his mountain guide training and hones his video skills, he is setting his sights on big mountains more than ever and delving into the world of film making.

His philosophy

"A successful adventure is about a sweet line, good friends and solid ethics."

Pierre hourticq

Our meeting with him

We met Pierre, skis strapped to his feet, on the Mont Blanc Massif. He was already using the Choucas harness and the White Tiger pack. Our talk focused mostly on products we could develop for alpine touring. His expertise, his videographer’s eye and his spirit won us over. Today, he is one of our main ambassadors and field testers.

Our shared values

—Humility: Do your best, in the best style possible while respecting all the stakeholders involved in an activity.

—Demanding nature: Pierre is very demanding of himself from a technical perspective. Just like he is when it comes to gear. Working closely with Pierre, we are actively perfecting our White Tiger packs assortment and our harnesses to better fulfill this requirement.

Projects that have materialized

- Saudan couloir on the west face of Mont Blanc (5.4), on June 16, 2014

South face of Les Courtes (5.3), Mont Blanc Massif, April 10, 2014

Pain de Sucre on the Aiguille de Chamonix (5.5), May 10, 2014

- Freeride descent of Gervasutti Tacul (5.3), Mont Blanc Massif, May 2015

- West face of Palas, Pyrénées-Atlantiques (5.4)

Freeride descent of Mallory with Victor De Le Rue (5.4), Mont Blanc Massif

- “Steep-Tease” movie about steep skiing


Pierre Hourticq


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