Maxime Franck

Maxime Franck Alpinism

I was born in Colmar (FR), where I got my Associate Degree in Textile Industry. I lived 2 years in Poitiers before settling down in Les Houches by 2014.

What do you like at BLUE ICE
My teammates, of course! It's also here that I could come back to sewing since my studies. I could discover new machines and I have a lot of fun assembling all the Choucas harnesses parts. Even if all the harnesses are the same, to me each Choucas is unique. Having a strong human part in the processing is very important to me.
Your won definition of the "mountain"word
A mountain is high, sharp, smooth, it's green, white, full of colors, it's hard, soft, it's green, white, full of colors, it's hard, soft, it's warm, cold... It's life!
Your mountain specialty
I think it's the fondue Savoyarde !
Your best memory in the mountains
Summer camps. It's really by then that I started loving mountains. Simply.
A mountain ritual

I try to stick to putting one foot in front of the other.
Your favorite BLUE ICE product

Apart from the Choucas that I assemble, I particularly like the Warthog 28 pack. Simple and efficient, just like me. Well, I think.
Your motto
If you're going too far East, you're going West.

Or: If you work more, you'll earn more, and you'll have less free time. And if time is money, you'll earn less. (don't tell this one to the boss)
Your mountain favorite spot
As I didn't have too many chances to go playing in the mountains yet, this answer is blank for now. I invite you to come back later to see if this changed.

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