Matteo Giglio

Matteo Giglio

What do you like about BLUE ICE philosophy

It's hard to say. I know Blue Ice since it's early days, for being Giovanni's friend. Now the brand is bigger but I love the fact that the whole team keeps on always looking for having the best products.

Your own definition of the "mountain" word

The natural place to live…

Your mountain specialty

Another hard question. To be a mountain "specialist" one must always do the same things. Personally I find pleasure in doing many things, without being a specialist. I try to be multitask. :)

Your best memory in the mountains

I would say, without being too rhetorical, that I try to keep only good moments. Each trip is a good memory.

Your worst memory in the mountains

Luckily, I forget quickly... I would say I had a few fear ice climbing. 


A mountain ritual

None. Except a very meticulous (amlost maniac) gear preparation before any trip.

Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The Choucas !

A climber who inspire(d) you

I don't have any heros. I find inspiration looking at the best of people around me. 

Your motto

Carpe diem :-P 

Your favorite spot for

Rock climbing: Wendenstock (Switzerland)

Ice climbing: Anywhere... as soon as there are good conditions!

Ski touring: Anywhere in the Val d’Aoste

Your favorite hut: Home… ;-)

Matteo Giglio


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