Manu Ibarra

Manu Ibarra Ice climbing

I was born in the Drôme (FR), and still live in the Drôme. I graduated in both Mechanical engeineering and Fine Arts in Graphic Communication... to become a mountain guide.


What do you like about BLUE ICE

Being able to innovate


Your own definition of the "mountain" word

A way of life, a way to see the world...


Your mountain specialty

Some would say ice climbing. I like to believe that I'm more about finding new routes, new ways to practive.


Your best memory in the mountains

I have too many to mention just one... Maybe the Mont-Blanc with Giovanni and my son, for his 12th birthday.


Your worst memory in the mountains

When I worked in the rescue team as part of my national service in the PGHM.

A mountain ritual

No ritual, excpet running under the seracs.

Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The Choucas Light harness... A true BLUE ICE product, setting a new marker in the UL harness world.

Your dream route

My dream route is the next one, may it be small or big.

A climber who inspired you

Tita Piaz, for his climbing feats and his political engagement.

Your motto

My motto changes every day. Today it will be: Only fishes goes down the river.

Your favorite spot for

Rock climbing: I love my Homebase Drôme, especially the 3 Becs, fine alpine climbing!

Ice climbing: Scotland in winter, but it's not truce ice climbing, it's real mountaineering.

Ski touring: a virgin area. To me skiing is the best way to explore.

A favorite hut: Durier, a true mountain hut, like in the old days.

Manu Ibarra Rock climbing


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