Jerome Blanc-Gras

Jerome Blanc-Grac Ice climbing

Originally from Embrun (FR), I started climbing at 8 in the Briançon French Alpine Club. At 16 I started alpine and ice climbing when I met Christophe Moulin. I was part of the FFME youth team, did a few expéditions in the USA, Peru, Patagonia, Pakistan, India, Greenland, Nepal. I graduated in Natural Sciences and became a school teacher in 1997. I'm a mountain guide since 2001.

What do you like at BLUE ICE

The family feeling and the huge potential for creativity.

You own definition of the "mountain" word

This airy feeling making you forgetting everything. If you're ioslated enough, though.

Your mountain specialty

Actually, Idon't like specialities. I'm interested in almost everything.

Your best memory in the mountains

There are way too many.

Your worst memory in the mountains

Amongst other, I remember this lost bivouac, hanged on my harness in winter in the face nord du Rateau.

A mountain ritual

I'm not superstitious at all. Otherwise I should probably be worried...

Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The Choucas harness and the Warthog 28 pack.

A dream route

Again, there are too many. But if I had to choose, it would be a nice paragliding flight with a bivouac, with a few nice climbs on the way...

A climber who inspired you

Gilles Estrambouli

l'Ice Climbing Ecrins 2013 par Gilles Estrambouli

Your motto

"No motto"

Your favorite spot for

Rock climbing: Verdon

Ice climbing: Freissinières 

Ski touring: Queyras

Favorite hut: Refuge de l'Aigle

I have great memories of all these spots and all are simply mythic.

Jerome Blanc-Gras Rock climbing


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