Jef Verstraeten

Jef Verstraeten

I was born in Belgium, moved to Austria as a teenager. Now I live in Innsbruck and study event management.

What do you like about Blue Ice philosophy
Blue ice is not only about making clean and sleek products, they care about doing their part.

Your own definition of the word “Mountain” 
The mountains are my personal embodiment of challenge

Your mountain speciality

Your best memory in the mountains
Pillier du Freney

Your worst memory in the mountains
Soloing Plan B M5-, 500m on Zwölferkogel while having a fever

A mountain ritual ?
Tipping my poles together before starting a ski run.

Your favorite Blue Ice product
Warthog 28L in blue

Your dream route
Fitz traverse

A climber who inspires you
Alex Honnold

A mountain saying
"Frostbite? I consider that a failure." Mark Twight
Explanation: first of all, I do not like the cold. I really do not like frostbite. Second, it is not all about what you do, it's how you do what you do.

Your secret spot for :

Rock climbing: Cadarese (the perfect spot to get in shape for wild adventures)
Ice Climbing: Gasteinertal (the best and longest lines you'll find in the eastern alps)
Ski touring: Tatry mountain range (generally unknown collection of steep & wild mountains)
Favorite mountain hut: Eccles (not really a normal hut, not at all luxurious or clean, but the location is unbeatable!)

Jef Verstraeten



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