What does this word actually mean?

First, we need define “Innovation.”  It’s possible that innovation is simply an invention (sometimes a small one) with commercial success. Typically, brands innovate their products with their functions and forms, but innovation can also be commercial or marketing in nature.

How to innovate?

As a “young company”, BLUE ICE designs mountaineering equipment with new ideas and products with passion. This innovation process is the result of a creative impulse held inside the company. Every BLUE ICE employee pursues a mountain lifestyle sport like climbing or skiing or alpinism. Through these pursuits, we create or encounter innovations to resolve problems within our activities. As the problem is found, the process to find solutions is developed. Solutions are conceptualized, developed and field-tested by our employees and friends.

Occasionally these solutions are selected because they meet all the criteria: innovative, functional and commercializable. Often, there are solutions in search of problems. Other solution appear later to be self-evident.

The Choucas harness, an example of innovation

This was the genesis of ice screws keepers on the CHOUCAS harness, which keep the ice screws safe while you ski. It was a small invention coming from the field and simple to implement. It was quickly copied by our competitors.

Its small brother, the CHOUCAS LIGHT harness, was awarded the prestigious Outdoor Industry Award at Friedrichshafen Outdoor Show 2017 as the lightest harness (84g in size S) you can put on with your skis still on. Its innovative buckle system allows for easy and safe usage in the mountains.


Our will is strong to keep on moving the lines on the difficult - but exciting - innovation field.

Stay tuned, as more innovative products will hit the market in the next weeks, which could become nice prac & handy innovations for climbers.

Manu Ibarra

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Manu Ibarra


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