Giovanni Rossi

I was born in Milano, but I spent most of my childhood in Courmayeur, right at foot of the Mont-Blanc. I lived in Canada and in the USA and now I live in Geneva. I graduaded in mecanichal engineering in Boston, where I also go a master of geophysics.


What do you like about BLUE ICE

It's my lifetime project: designing and producing the mountain gear which will lead new générations of mountaineers to live new adventures.


Your own definition of the "mountain" word

It's about adventure, looking for the essential, being close to a nature which is stronger than us. This experience is so intense it reminds us we're only small beings in a world way larger than us, but we can nevertheless make our own way and be fully part of this surrounding beauty.


Your mountain specialty

Ice climbing. This is actually why I chose the BLUE ICE name!


Your best memory in the mountains

The Peuterey South face: intense 25 hours with unforgettable partners for this great adventure on a mythic and still wild route.


Your worst memory in the mountains

A terrible night at the Boccalatte hut, helplessly waiting for rescue for a rope team in distress.


A mountain ritual:

Being well prepared the day before, and sleep as much as I can until the last minute of the D day!


Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The Choucas Light harness, as it represents the perfect mix between simplicity and efficiency, while being ultralight !


Your dream route

Open a new route on an Himalayan big face.


A climber who inspired you

In order: Walter Bonatti, Reinhold Messner, Steve House (the Holy Trinity)


Your motto

If at first you don’t succeed, try again. (Geek version: “while (success != 1) {try};”)


Your favorite spot for


Rock climbing: La Ravoir in the Aosta valley (IT), for historic reasons

Ice climbing: Cogne (the whole valley)

Ski touring: I'm still searching... there are too many!

Your favorite hut: The rifugio Boccalatte in Courmayeur

Giovanni Rossi Ice climbing

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