Elisabeth Revol

Elisabeth Revol is a French Himalayan alpinist, a physical education teacher, and a keen adventure racer who enjoys any kind of endurance challenge.

She sets herself apart with her triple ascent of Gasherbrum I (8,080 m), Gasherbrum II (8,035 m) and Broad Peak (8,051 m), all climbed solo and without supplemental oxygen. She has also made three winter attempts on Nanga Parbat, and her motivation remains high in spite of her 2015 attempt, during which she was forced to turn back just 300 meters below the summit!

Elisabeth is one of those people who pursue their dreams, as ambitious and committing as they may be, with sincerity and humility.

Her background

Elisabeth grew up in the Drôme region of France, which she still calls home. Her parents introduced her to mountaineering in the Ecrins massif. She is a fan of sports of all kinds and has exceptional athletic talent, but ski touring, rock climbing, and alpine climbing proved to be her strong suit.

She developed a substantial résumé of big routes in the Alps, and in 2007 an expedition to Nepal made her true calling clear to her: high altitude and adventure. On her 2008 expedition, her climbing partner Antoine Girard got sick, so her ascents of G1, G2, and Broad Peak ended up being a solo mission.

The next year she headed to Annapurna with Martin Minarik. Caught in a storm at on Roc Noir (7,485 m), their retreat turned out to be more difficult than planned, and her climbing partner perished in the mountains. It was several years before Elisabeth recovered from this traumatic experience and could return to the terrain that she excels at.

She decided to set her sights on making winter ascents, with Nanga Parbat being the ultimate goal. On her third consecutive attempt, made with Tomek Mackiewicz, she reached an altitude of 7,800 meters. But on each attempt, wise decision-making led her to choose to turn back.

Today she continues to pursue this high altitude winter dream, always with the same smile and simplicity.

Her philosophy

"When I’m in the mountains, I always have to keep going. As long as progress is possible and I haven’t reached my goal, I have to continue."

Our meeting

Beginning with her earliest expeditions, Elisabeth was determined to seek out the lightest, best performing gear for high altitude. So it was natural that she would turn to Blue Ice. The Yeti 50L pack and the Choucas harness have faithfully accompanied her to numerous summits.

Our common values

- Commitment: Elisabeth plays fair, and her projects and accomplishments show it. We work alongside her, doing our very best to help her prepare and equip her with minimalist but reliable equipment.

- Ambition: this is something she definitely isn’t lacking! It’s when we aim high that we reach our objectives and have the most memorable experiences. There’s a good chance that you’ll hear more about Elisabeth in the near future!

Projects that have materialized

- Gasherbrum I, Gasherbrum II and Broad Peak, solo ascents of the regular routes (including a 52 hour link-up of G1 and G2), in 2008

- Annapurna, east pillar with Martin Minarik in 2009

- Nanga Parbat, winter attempt with Daniele Nardi in 2013

- Nanga Parbat, winter attempts with Tomek Mackiewicz in 2015 and 2016

- European adventure racing team champion in 2012

- Fifth at the 2012 adventure racing team World Championships

- French adventure racing team champion in 2013

- Winner of the M2Race, the Raid du Mercantour, the Raid Vauban, the Raid des Terres Noires, the Raid Vallon Pont d’Arc and the Chemins du Soleil Raid VTT

- Second in the Transvésubienne

- Third in the Ecuador adventure racing World Cup


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