Dare your first "6000"

Are you dreaming of new horizons and distant challenges? 

Have you read and re-read mountain literature dreaming of exceptional adventures and far-off mountains? 

Does the word "expedition" makes you vibrate, but you dare not believe it, unsure if you really can? 

Well, it's time, to take action ... 

To realize an expedition is to go and feel the universe of altitude. This is within the reach of most of us provided we find the right objective and devote the necessary time and energy to it. 


Why go on expeditions? 

- To visit the destinations and ranges we dream of: Andes, Himalaya, Alaska 

- To test ourselves 

- To open up new routes and climb virgin summits. 

- To combine the pleasure of mountains with the pleasure of travel 

- To experience new cultures 

How do you start? 

- Choose an objective: there are many 6000 meter peaks on the Earth. Some are technical others are not. The key is to have enough time before climbing in altitude. 

- There is now a wealth of information online, and within alpine clubs in Europe and North America (ENSA, Club Alpins libraries, American Alpine Club Library.) Some blogs are worth a visit: http://www.summitpost.org or https://forum.camptocamp.org/t/consult-for-premiere-expedition/147226/8  

- Limit logistical constraints. Avoid objectives with long approaches and administrative burdens (ascension permits, liaison officers, etc). 

Remember, climbing a mountain in Pakistan and Peru have different levels of organization. 

- Choose destinations with options in case of fatigue, bad weather or other unexpected circumstances 

- If you can, use a adventure travel agency that will be able to organize your trip with local professionals: porters, guides, etc ... 

This will save you a lot of trouble and allow you to contribute to the local economy ... 

Prepare your equipment thoroughly: 

- Use only equipment that you know and have used before, (stoves, tent, duvets, solar panels ...) - Choose a versatile, lightweight backpack with a large useful volume such as Yeti 50l 

- Remember, in the mountains, nobody has died of warm", a good sleeping bag, good clothes, gloves and shoes are priceless 

- Bring repair supplies: small tools, wire, tape, etc. But don’t forget that weight is a key factor. 

- Plan emergency medical needs: first-aid kits and pharmacy resources for the destination A must-see site on this subject: http://www.ifremmont.com/documentation.php  

- Think about if communication is available with sat-phones, internet access, wifi etc. 

- Research the political climate of your destination 


Train specifically for your project: 

- Physically: hiking, running, cycling but also long alpine itineraries, bivouacs, etc 

- Technically: give priority to snow and ice ascents or mixed edges mixing length and technicality. Crampons and ice ax must not have surprises for you. 

- Psychologically: the more we solve small problems, the better we face the big ones! 

Are you convinced? Are you ready for the big jump? 

We will soon be discussing a few destinations suitable for this first adventure ... 

Stay tuned!

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