Clementine Junique

Junique Clémentine

I was born in the Oisans region (FR) and now I live in Chamonix. I graduated in Politics in Grenoble and I'm also a ski instructor. Before working at BLUE ICE in the communication team I was already part of their ambassadors crew. I'm also co-founder and president of the Girls to the top association.

What do you like at BLUE ICE

The fact that the teams are passionate by the products they make.

It's a job that gather both my passion fort the mountains and my expertise. 

Your own definition of the "mountain" word


Your mountain specialty

Skiing and the cheese/saucisson break 

Your best memory in the mountains

The Meije traverse when I was 18, walking on the tracks of my ancestor, Pierre Gaspard

Your worst memory in the mountains

The lightning, with two friends on top of the Dibona spire.

a mountain ritual

I'm quite supertitious: if I see a black cat, if I walk under a ladder of if I'm in the chairlift #13, I won't feel bad the whole day. And as I like even numbers, each morning I set my alarm clock at 6:24am or 7:46am, for example.

Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The Choucas harness: its open leg loops changed my life: now I can go peeing fast and in the mountains!

Your dream route

The Nose - El capitan. Not being myself a strong rock climber, I find US cracks super inspiring and technically impressive. 

A climber who inspired you

My father, a mountain guide who always had a very personal notion of risk taking. And more largely any passionate and calm person who does nice things in the mountains without being too noisy about it.

Your motto

"Keep it wild" 

Rock climbing: Buoux, a small gem with an out of time cute village worth visiting

Ice climbing: Ceillac, long and nice ice climbs often in condition

Ski touring: the petite face nord de la Grande Casse in Vanoise NP, and the Tour de la Meije in Oisans

Favorit hut: the Soreiller, with the Dibona spire overhanging it and offering multiple granite routes. Also because this hut is kept by the word's best hut keeper: my mom!

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