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Alberto Giolitti Rock climbing

I was born in Ivrea (IT), at the foot of the mountains. I started hiking and skiing with my parents, then when I was a teenager I started ski touring and working in mountains huts during school holidays. At 20 I left university to become hutkeeper, then mountain guide. I was mostly practicing freeride skiing, ski touring and rock climbing. In the 80s I took part of the new cliffs discovery in Sicily and Sardinia, as well as organizing the first climbing compétitions in Arco (IT). After 10 years spent in the mountain world, I came back to my studies and graduated as an Engineer in Electronics. In 1993 I left Italy to go working in the Silicon Valley CA, where I could witness the birth of the web. Back in Europe I tried to find a way to match my two passions: mountains and electronics. I created the Gulliver website, the first web community dedicated to sharing climbing experience and feedback. Then I coached many guides, associations and small companies to help them making their first steps in the web world. All these projects, mixing both mountains, technologies and communications, led me to BLUE ICE.

Still living in Ivrea, I keep on climbing, of course, as well as traveling: as soon as I can, I pack my bicycle panniers and go on the roads: it's a good way to discover, at a human pace, new places and encounter great people living there.

What do you like about BLUE ICE

The challenge to reinvent differently, on this third millenium, how to help explorers, visionaries and amateurs fulfilling the quest for summits, while being respectful of those who came before us during the last two centuries.

Your own definition of the "mountain" word

A way of life which guided all my choices and life directions.

To me, mountains also means white, silence and lightness.

Your mountain specialty
Ski touring.

Your best memory in the mountains

Friends with whom I spend so many great days up there.

Your worst memory in the mountains

Those times when I had to explain to parents or children why their beloved family members won't come back, taken away by the passion they loved so much.

Your favorite BLUE ICE product

Those which better represent simplicity, purity and lightness: the Bluebird piolet, the Choucas harness and the Warthog pack.

A climber who inspires you

Two visionary alpinists and explorers, who were simply guided by their curiosity: Bonatti and Boivin.

Your favorite spot for

Mountaineering: The west side of the Mont-Blanc - the wild mountain, far away from the crowds.

Rock climbing: The Verdon - for the climbing verticality and the plateau indolent warmth.

Le ski de rando: The Val d'Orco - the hidden valley just next to my home.

A favorite hut: The Rifugio Gonella - you never forget the first love.

Alberto Giolitti Skiing


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