F-X Delemotte

FX Delemotte climbing in Bishop - CA
I was born in Lille (France), where I spent the first 25 years of my life and I got my Master degree in Economics. After 13 years in Québec, I left for a two-year bike & climb trip with my family. Since 2015 I live in Haute-Savoie, a terrific playground.

What do you like about BLUE ICE

First people: a true passion for mountains, a great kindness, lots of talents and multiple backgrounds which contribute to the richness of the team.

Then products: imagined in the field by and for climbers, they're both tough and functional, no frills.

At last, values: engagement, responsibility, exploration, humility and generosity.

Your own definition of the word "mountain"

A source of inspiration, which puts us back to our place. A living beauty, always changing. A vital need for my balance. And a playground as spectacular as fragile, one we should preserve at any price for the next generations.

Your mountain specialty
The multipitch trad routes, and the alpine mixed routes.

Your best memory in the mountains

There are too many of them. From the moment I'm in the mountain with good friends, climbing a nice route in a jaw-dropping and peaceful environment, it's one more a best memory.

Your worst memory in the mountains

I never really had close calls. A few big falls, engaged routes where I couldn't fall (especially ice climbing, don't tell my mum), but luckily everything always went right. Knock on wood.

A mountain ritual

Is sorting my protections always the same way on my harness consired being a ritual or a sign of being maniac?

Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The Dragonfly 18 pack: perfect volume for long rock climbing routes, light and simple, and not too hot on my back during summer days.

Your dream route

Trango Towers, Mount Asgard in Baffin, Cerro Torre... There are too many !

A climber who inspire(d) you

Patrick Edlinger. When I first saw this blond guy that night on tv in La vie au bout des doigts, hanged above the void with his little shorts and his bandana around his head, I thought: yep, I found my way. I was 8 years old.

Your motto

Let the dream devours your life, so that your life does not devour your dream.

Your secret spot for

Rock climbing : Yosemite (CA) - mythic. Shawangunks (NY) - historic. The granit routes of the Glacier d'Argentiere (Mont-Blanc) - aesthetic.

Ice climbing : The gorges de la Malbaie in Quebec, and the unforgettable Pomme d’Or - epic.

Ski touring : The Mounts Valin, still in Quebec.

Favorite mountain hut : I didn't sleep enough in many huts in the Alps yet to be able to picka favorite one. However, I know quite a few cool places to pitch my tent in Northern and Central Americas. But the list would be too long...

FX Delemotte climbing in Cuba


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