ADVENTURES / 19 Oct 2018

Grimper en Grèce

Un aperçu de l'escalade en Grèce dans la région des Météores
2 Oct 2018

Welcome to Iran

ADVENTURES / 3 Jul 2018

The Long Road to the Ruth, Episode 2, Ham & Eggs

ADVENTURES / 17 Mar 2018

Pas du Roc Icefall

Roc, we've been waiting for you for 15 years! The dream has come true ...

2 Mar 2018

Frozen butts in Canada

An Ice climbing trip to Canada - BLUE ICE

TECHNIQUES & TIPS / 25 Feb 2018

How to train safety skills for the mountains – Part 1

A point of view on training and safety for mountaineers.

INSIDE BLUE ICE / 4 Feb 2018

The other side of the "Light" 

How the BLUE ICE light products are made

ADVENTURES / 19 Jan 2018

How to train for winter expedition

Training for a himalayan winter expedition in Nanga Parbat with Elisabeth Revol

INSIDE BLUE ICE / 4 Jan 2018

Bozeman: the arena of legends

The BLUE ICE team traveled to Bozeman to attend the Ice Festival

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