Martin Schidlowski

I was born in Freilassing in Southern Germany, close to the mountains around Watzmann. Since 2010 I’ve been studying in Innsbruck (geology and materials- and nanosciences) and at the moment I’m making the mountain guide training in Germany.

What do you like about Blue Ice philosophy? 
I really appreciate that the Blue Ice philosophy is not about gaining the highest possible profit, but about developing the best possible product for the athlete.

Your own definition of the word “Mountain” 

Mountain means freedom to me. The freedom to move in whatever style you like to.

Your mountain speciality
Alpine climbing.

Your best memory in the mountains
The first ascent of “One day as a tiger” on the north face of Pik Piramidalny (5509 m) in Kyrgyzstan in 2016.

Your worst memory in the mountains

When my friend Bene and me found a dead Canadian climber in Peru in 2014.

A mountain ritual?

To shake hands on the summit after a successful ascent.


Your favorite Blue Ice product
The choucas harness.

Your dream route
The Supercanaleta on Fitz Roy.

A climber who inspires you

Hermann Buhl.


A mountain saying

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.


Your secret spot for:
Rock climbing:                        Karlstein, Germany
Ice Climbing:                          Pinnistal, Austria
Ski touring:                            Ortler region, Italy
Favorite mountain hut:            Envers Hut, France


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