Elise Crison

Elise Crison

I was born in Montbeliard (FR) and grew up in Les Arcs (Savoie).

My base camp is now in Meaudre (Vercors), I spend my winters in Haute Tarentaise and my summers in the Verdon.

I have diplomas in climbing/canyoning and alpine skiing.

What do you like about BLUE ICE philosophy

Simplicity at every level, from products to humans.

Your own definition of the word "mountain"

a place to escape, share and exchange.

Your mountain specialty

A good raclette!

Your best memory in the mountain

Only good memories!

Your worst memory in the mountain

J'esI hope it won't happen!

A mountain ritual 

Always a small Leatherman in my pack!

Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The  Warthog.

Your dream route

Lotus Flower, in Canada!

A climber who inspired you

Lynn Hill

Your motto

Lock it!

Your favorite spot for

Rock climbing:
Verdon and Indian Creek, my beloved crags!

Ice climbing: Haute Tarentaise, it's sentimental

Ski Touring: Beaufortain, human-scale mountains and incredible valleys!

Favorite hut: Tête Rousse, with so many memories of laughts in good company

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