Products designed on a mountainside and benefitting from the expertise of a team of seasoned guides and climbers that result in a subtle mix of brazenness and purism.

Summit partnerships


Headquartered in the Chamonix Valley, we design all our products hand in hand with our ambassadors, mountain guides and professional mountaineers. They are actively involved at all stages of the production chain, making us part of their expectations, testing our products and giving us their feedback. Then, once the product is finished, they take it along on their quest for new heights.


Yesterday, today, tomorrow


In the past, mountaineering pioneers came up with some incredible gear. Products that took after them—strong and rugged! i Today, we are working to reinvent that tradition with some added daring and a new breath of modernity, yet never forgetting the foundations: crafting light, solid, sturdy products designed with environmental responsibility in mind.

Products that are essential


Neither chance nor fads goes into the design of our products. They all obey a simple rule: meet the needs of mountain lovers. This principle results in products that are essential - no room for frills. Our products are sober, stripped-down and refined, as well as light and strong. Versatile products designed to last through the use of sturdier materials; and what’s more, they are repairable and customisable. No wonder then they come with a lifetime warranty!



The Choucas Harness,
a success story