Lauren DouBrava

I grew up in the southern US in Memphis, TN, but knew I belonged to the mountains. My parents took me on my first ski trip to Colorado when I was four and I have been hooked ever since. I started climbing when I was in graduate school and would sneak away as often as I could to East Tennessee (a 6-hour drive) to climb on real rock. In 2009 I moved to Utah and started a guiding job in San Rafael Swell and spent my off weeks skiing the Wasatch. The rest is history.


What do you like about BLUE ICE

The authenticity of the brand vision and the people that work here.


Your own definition of the word « mountain »

A place to find yourself.

Your mountain specialty

I'm kind of a jack-of-all trades, master of none. I love backcountry skiing, trad, sport and ice climbing, and trail running. I'm just as happy on a long, moderate alpine route as I am on a seaside crag sport climbing in Sicily. It's more about being outside with friends, it doesn't really matter what the activity is.  


Your best memory in the mountains

My first car-to-car ful Exum in the Tetons.


Your worst memory in the mountains

My climbing partner breaking her ankle in a fall and having to call search and rescue to get her out.


A mountain ritual

I always eat cheese, avocado and salami for crag food. Does that count as a ritual?


Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The White Tiger 25L.


Your dream route, the one you’d love to climb one day

Climbing: anything in the Bugaboos

Skiing: Revelstoke


A climber who inspire(d) you

Kate Rutherford.


Your motto

Double, triple check yourself. It's what my climbing mentor always said to me before we would repel off a route. It applies to all aspects of life and climbing!


Your secret spot for…

Rock Climbing: City of Rocks - It's starting to get crowded there, but I love the rock and it's a fun place to gather a lot of friends for a weekend of climbing and camping.

Ice Climbing: Hyalite Canyon - I love Montana and the canyon is beautiful.

Ski Touring: Wasatch - It's my backyard and I still have some secret powder stashes that not many people know about.

Alpine Climbing: Tetons - It's classic and it's where I climbed my first true alpine route.

Favorite mountain hut: Fishhook in the Sawtooths - Easy approach in and lots of hiking to get to good stuff, but it's worth it!


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