Claire Lafoux

What do you like about BLUE ICE

The BLUE ICE team is a great one, young and dynamic. We all love playing outside and sharing our passion. We are all so motivated for making the brand growing, I love it! 


Your own definition of the word « mountain »

A peaceful place where I can find myself

Your mountain specialty

For the moment I would say trail running... upon a lot of other activities. 

Your best memory in the mountains

A camping night at thee Lac Blanc (France- Chamonix) with a hole in my tent. 

Your worst memory in the mountains

The rescue of an injured friend. 


Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The White Tiger 25L.


Your dream route, the one you’d love to climb one day

Something in Nepal.


A climber who inspire(d) you

Manu Ibarra 

Your motto

Be happy. 


Your secret spot for…

Ice Climbing: Montmorency falls (Canada, Quebec)

Ski Touring: Aravis (french alps)

Favorite mountain hut: Elisabetta Soldini


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