Camille Didillon

Camille Didillon Rock Climbing

I'm osteopath. I've been living in Chamonix forever... My studies? Osteopathy, it's enough!

What do you like at BLUE ICE

The blue, the ice, and the team: real human beings! A great team!

Your own definition of the "mountain" word

A bar of Toblorone.

Your mountain specialty
Rock climbing.

Your best memory in the mountains

Toblorone! When you're burnt, it's even better than a Mars!

Your worst memory in the mountains

Rock falls (on my head): not fun.

A mountain ritual

My lucky t-shirt, made of wool, hand-knitted with love by a friend!

Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The Dragonfly 18, because it's just perfect.

Camille Didillon Utah

Your dream route

Divine Providence (Mont-Blanc range), but not sure if I would come back there one day!

A climber who inspired you

My man, of course ! Otherwise Joe Simpson, cause he made my gradpa dreaming ! And he believed in the impossible.

Your motto

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Your favorite spot for

Rock climbing:The fissure Leroux! (Mont-Blanc range). I'd like to come back to fight my last fail. Also Siurana : my biggest successes! Micro holds... I love it!

Iced climbing: Argentière icefield right side, because it's sunny. So enchanting! And I don't have frozen hands!

Ski touring: Pointe ronde. My trip: I go there at least once aevery winter! It's varied: flat, steep, rocky... You can see Switzerland and the Mont-Blanc ! Otherwise Sweden, because you can ski with dolphinss !

Your favorite hut : At home! I can sleep in lofty quilt! Otherwise a ledge: worth a thousand stars hotel!

Camille Didillon

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