Our Mother Nature

Luca Rolli

Mountain guide, steep skier, talented video editor… Luca Rolli lives fully his passion for alpinism. He’s also one of those who get a real philosophy from it, in everyday life.

Mountains are our Mother Nature

Climbing a hard rock route, battling your way up a tough mixed line, or making a steep ski descent: these are accomplishments to be proud of. The greatest joy is inevitably in the moment immediately following your success. You look back at what you did and you can still feel the adrenalin, you can still see the images in your head, you can still taste the blood in your mouth. But this feeling doesn’t last forever; if that were the case we would have stopped going back to the mountains a long time ago.

©Fred Mathieu

We forget, and that’s a good thing. The complete, pure and total feeling of happiness that overwhelms every cell in your body is indeed fragile, and vanishes quickly.

The more you get that feeling, the more you want it. But everyone knows that going big in the mountains means taking big risks. At some point you will ask yourself: is it really worth risking so much for that small, brief moment of joy, for that chemical rush of hormones?

Yes, it is. Why? Because all of the hours of training teach us how to stay motivated; because all of the physical pain we experience teaches us never to give up; because all of the failures teach us that sometimes it’s better to be patient and wait; because all of the broken bones teach us that we will come back stronger than before; and because the hours we spend in the mountains just trying to figure out how snow sticks to steep walls, how wind affects snow, and how the sun’s energy transforms snow teach us to understand nature and adapt to it.

©Marco Tamponi

The truth is that we do not go to the mountains just for that short moment of bliss; we go because the mountains teach us to stay alive in our everyday lives. There is a big difference, and too many people forget that.

So take that awesome feeling of pure joy that you experience in the mountains back to your everyday life. Be smart; don’t get stuck on everyday problems. Try to avoid banging your head against obstacles bigger than your possibilities; if you are patient you’ll find the solution.

Live as fully as you can, believing that the mountains really are our Mother Nature.

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