Jacques Sturm

I was born in Alsace, I worked a long time in Paris and now I live in Chamonix.


What do you like about BLUE ICE

This unique link to the mountains. The team is always happy and smiling. And the will to innovate.


Your own definition of the word « mountain »

A place of total freedom where you share strong feelings and where you find your own balance. A lifestyle!


Your mountain specialty

I am multi-skilled. I like old style itineraries and steep skiing. I also like boulder climbing.  


Your best memory in the mountains

 A day out with my kids.


Your worst memory in the mountains

I only have good ones. The rest is not necessary, life is short !


A mountain ritual

I am always keeping a bit of water in case of emergency.



Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The Dragonfly 25L: It’s a good compromise.


Your dream route, the one you’d love to climb one day

Opening a high-altitude route, in alpine style of course!


A climber who inspire(d) you

Every climber inspires me.


Your motto

French saying “En selle Marcel”, that I could be translated by “Get on the horse Bob”


Your secret spot for…


Rock climbing:  Les Calanques (south of France)              

Ski touring: Kandersteg

Alpinism: Switzerland

Favorite mountain hut: La Charpoua


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