Irene Marcotti

Irene Marcotti Rock climbing
I was born in Milano in Italy. I studied Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano.

During my studies I had two foreign expériences: one Erasmus year in Lapland (Finland), and an internship in Argentina where I discovered the beautiful mountains of Patagonia... and met my beautiful husband!

Before working at BLUE ICE in 2009, I worked as a freelance designer and photographer in Italy.


What do you like at BLUE ICE

To me BLUE ICE was the possibility to live in my favorite environment – the mountain - doing my favorite job – designer - in link with my favorite activity – alpine climbing. In a word: perfect!

At BLUE ICE I like as much products as the fact we're like a big family.


Your won definition of the "mountain" word

The beauty of the Creation.


Your mountain specialty

I don't really have any specialty but I especially love mountaineering, ski touring and long rock climbing route in altitude.


Your best memory in the mountains

The sunrise on the glacier, when I reach one og the Mont Rose summits.

Your worst memory in the mountains

I as about 9 years old, we were climbing a Via Ferrata in the Dolomites. A big storm was coming quickly and lightnings were all over the sky. I was close to the end of the Via Ferrata but my mother was still far away. I was so scared !

A mountain ritual

I always keep a butterfly-shaped tissue in a pocket of my alpine jacket. I feel like I'm in good company during the trip.

Your favorite BLUE ICE product

Its' a bit difficult, for me as a designer, to only choose one product. In my top list I would say:

A climber who inspired you

Walter Bonatti, Catherine Destivelle

Your favorite spot for

Rock climbing:
the long rock climbing routes in the Mont-Blanc massif for the full climb experience: ski or walk approach on glacier, climbing in a stunning environment, and possibly spending the night in the refuge.

Ski touring: The uncrowded Swiss summits I reach with a bunch of friends. And again the possibility to spend the night in a refuge. But to eat well nothing beats Italy!

A favorite hut: Rifugio Lagazuoi al Passo Falzarego, in the Dolomites. Its is special for the great childhood memories, when we spent the night there, in summer or winter, while we were on a week trek.

Irene Marcotti Ice climbing


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