Destination: China!

My experience in Chamonix just ended. It was a positive season and it gave me the chance to get to know another reality.

In few days I will leave for my next adventure…

Destination: China!

To organize this trip it was very difficult and complicated, lots of permits to have and several VISA to do for go inside the chinese country…but finally, now I’m leaving, and only when I will between the Chinese mountains I will be very happy!


I will go with my friends to the Minya Konka massif. It is part of the Hengduan Mountains, a huge group that extents from the south-east side of Tibet, to the west boarder of the Sichuan Basin.

I chose this place because I was enchanted by the picture of one wall.

This time my plan is really ambitious…I have very few informations on the area,  the ascent requests big technical and physical skills as well as the best strategy possible.

That said, our goal is to see those mountains, get to know them, explore them, and understand which steps to take. It’s such a big, complex and foreign environment. My companions are strong, expert and motivated; ready to have fun and have a great time in the chinese mountains.


For this trip will be very important the equipment to carry with us, we will climb in perfect alpine style and so, we will try to be lighter as possible and have all the thinks that we need to withstanding the cold!!


Have a very good back pack is fundamental.

I will take with me,for carry my staff and food during the climbing, a “YETY  50l PACK” and a lighter backpack for use during the acclimatisation and for the shorter climbing, a “DRAGONFLY  25l PACK”.



Thank you very much at the Blue Ice team for the support!

Have a good Autumn!


Tomas Franchini



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