Caroline Ware-George

I was born in Montreux (Switzerland), and lived in Leysin for my childhood. Now I live in Finhaut a tiny, sunny village between Chamonix and Martigny. I studied Law in school, and I am UIAGM Mountain Guide. 

 What do you like about BLUE ICE

Product simplicity. You have it all, but without frills. Simplicity = Efficiency = Safety. I also like that it's a new brand; a whole new world of possibilities. I like the dynamic mood, working with new ideas, new concepts, blending creativity and experience. The well established brands are in different space: making new things with old ideas. But at BLUE ICE, everything has to be created from scratch.

 Your own definition of the "mountain" word


Symbiosis between body and mind; a blank canvas where you can endlessly express yourself. 

Your mountain specialty


Ice, trad and mixed climbing. I love north faces, too: once you've done them, you don't necessarily want to climb them again, but the experience remains truly alive within you.  

Your best memory in the mountains


Beyond Good and Evil with my girl friends and the breastpump to feed Olivia (my daughter) on my way back ;-) 

Crack Baby, Alpha Saule, Colton Macintyre with my friends Nicole Berthod and Tania Bolognini

The Eiger North Face in a day

The Drus North Couloir

The key pitch of Skredbekken in Norway with Tina di Batista

The Marinelli Couloir on ski on the Mont Rose

Linking ice climbs in a day in Canada or USA

I have too many memories!

Your worst memory in the mountains


No worsts, only rewarding experiences ;-). What makes an experience more or less forgettable is the chemistry of the team.

A mountain ritual 


1L of green tea every morning is my only ritual, but it's not directly linked with mountain. Just a habit. For the rest, no ritual.

Your favorite BLUE ICE product


The Choucas: simple, light, well equipped. Essential.

Your dream route


Cerro Torre, Cassin on McKinley, Finkona (a magical ice line on the Senja island in Norway), Madagascar, skiing anywhere in the world, Bugaboos, etc. The list is endless!

A climber who inspires you


Brette Harrington: Always smiling, cute, with a iron mind.

Hazel Finlay: For her strong mental game.

I think mental game is the key for the future, helping us pushing the limits and an endless need to explore!

Your motto


Be present.

Your favorite spot for


Rock climbing: Norway… Otherwise Squamish (Canada), Zion (USA) : trad climbs, easy access. 

Ice climbing: Norway… Otherwise Kandersteg & Breitwandflue.

Ski touring: Norway… Otherwise any ski touring trip in the world. It's a perfect excuse for traveling.

Your favorite hut: Norway ;-) Joke aside, anywhere where you're warmly welcome without having the feeling you're bothering people. Italy is a good place to start: great hosting, 5-star meals... You almost forget dormitories.


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