Branden Michelkamp

I was born in the flat lands of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. I went to school at the University of Wisconsin – Stout where I studied Mechanical Design, I started to take climbing more seriously in college and it quickly started motivate my ambitions to move West. After college I made the move to Utah partially for a job but mostly for the climbing. After making some connections to the BLUE ICE Team it was quickly evident I found my place.  

What do you like about BLUE ICE

The people! Everyone is motivated to create the best gear on the market.


Your own definition of the word “mountain”

The best place to find what you’re looking for.


Your mountain specialty

I try to be pretty good at everything I do which includes, mountain biking, split-boarding, ice climbing, sport climbing and bouldering but I would say Trad/Alpine is where I feel I have excelled the most.


Your best memory in the mountains

All of the long days spent in the mountains with good friends pushing each other to perform our best in whatever sport we’re doing.


Your worst memory in the mountains

Getting caught in an unexpected lightning storm one pitch from the top of Center Thumb in the Lone Peak Cirque of Utah.


A mountain ritual

Summit/trailhead beers.


Your favorite BLUE ICE product

The Choucas Harness!


Your dream route

The Venturi Effect.


A climber who inspired you

Peter Croft.


Your motto

Left two three, right two three.


Your secret spot (and why) for…

 Rock Climbing: Joshua Tree, California – I did multiple month long trips in college here and I feel it’s where I really learned to appreciate climbing for what it is.

 Ice Climbing: Pictured Rocks, Michigan – It was the first place I learned to climb ice! (this might change… stay tuned)

 Ski Touring: Kessler Peak, Wasatch Range – I have had so many incredible powder days off this peak, and it’s in my backyard!

 Alpine Climbing: Cirque of the Towers, Wyoming – The hike, The climbing, The quality, The atmosphere, everything is so good.

 Favorite Mountain Hut: I have not been to many but my favorite so far is The Ridgeway Hut in Colorado.

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