Bill Belcourt

Bill Belcourt Ice climbing
I was born in Wallingford, Connecticut, and I graduaded at the University of Connecticut School of Business. I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What do you like about BLUE ICE
It's a company of climbers and skiers, making equipment for climbers and skiers.
Your own definition of the "mountain" word
A large pile of rock, snow and ice, that I like to call home.
Your mountain specialty
Ice climbing.
Your best memory in the mountains
Great days with friends.
Your work memory in the mountains

Losing some of those friends.
A mountain ritual 

Drink a lot of coffee before I go, and drink a lot of berr when I get back...
Yout favorite BLUE ICE product

The Bluebird piolet.
Your dream route
Any route with clean granite and runnels of ice.
A climber who inspires you
Alex Lowe.
Your motto
How bad could it be?
Your favorite spot for

Rock climbing: Needles, CA - proper trad climbing.

Ice climbing: Canadian Rockies - the real big ice.

Ski touring: Wasatch mountains - over the head blower pow.

Favorite mountain hut: Doug Chabot's basement, Bozeman, MT.

Bill Belcourt Skiing


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