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Climbing Partners - The best part of climbing.

Whether a single pitch sport climb or a committing alpine route, when you tie your knot and your partner says “on belay” you put your life in their hands, creating a bond that not many other sports offer.
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How to train safety skills for the mountain - Part 2

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Frozen butts in Canada

HOME / 17 Mar 2018

Pas du Roc Icefall

Roc, we've been waiting for you for 15 years! The dream has come true ...

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The other side of the "Light" 

How the BLUE ICE light products are made

HOME / 14 Dec 2017

Our definition of light

What does it take to be light?

HOME / 29 Nov 2017

The bergschrund sling

Alpine tricks and tips from BLUE ICE

HOME / 22 Nov 2017

Choucas light: how light is it?

Discover our latest harness

HOME / 17 Oct 2017

The Vans of BLUE ICE

Discover our staff's favorite vans

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