Charlie Boas

  • Charlie Boas Skiing

    I was born in Montreal (CAN), raised in New England, and went to university in Boulder, Colorado. Then I wandered around the Western US for 10+ years, climbing as much as I could and working only when I needed to. Now I live in Salt Lake City, UT with my wife Andrea and kids Ila and Cedar.

    What do you like about BLUE ICE

    Its commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility.

    Your own definition of the "mountain" word

    The Mountains are where I go, every chance I get.

    Your mountain specialty
    Long ridge traverses, sunny sport climbing, backcountry skiing. 

    Your best memory in the mountains

    That's a difficult one. One of the following...

    • 9 days in Fontainebleau (FRA) by myself (not really a mountain)
    • This last winter, first tracks down Kessler Slabs, with 50+ inches of powder
    • The regular route on Fairview Dome, Yosemite CA

    Your worst memory in the mountains

    I broke my arm in two places bouldering in Colorado.

    A mountain ritual

    I tape my right wrist- from breaking my arm. It really helps.

    Your favorite BLUE ICE product

    The Octopus rope bag.

    Your dream route

    Anything at Ceuse or Kalymnos. Well… I haven’t been there yet. But I can only imagine.

    A climber who inspires you

    Alex Honnold, Jonathan Seigrist, Jim Collins, Roger Briggs.

    Your motto

    Sometimes you climb like a nut… sometimes you don’t. (Almond Joy reference)

    Your secret spot for

    Rock climbing: Mayhem Cove, Lake Tahoe CA

    Ice climbing: Ouray Ice Pack, CO

    Ski touring: Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT

    Favorite mountain hut: The 10th Mountain huts in Colorado

    Charlie Boas Climbing