Our Philosophy

What if we went back to basics?

Initially, in 2008, it was simply a matter of living out our passion to the max: climbing, skiing, exploring or just getting in touch with ourselves and the mountains… before extending this project to all summit lovers out there.


The mountains…

In Chamonix, the mountains are all around us. They are our playground and the guardians of our values. They sometimes require that we make crucial choices. They inspire a sense of humility. And they also command respect.

Road Companions

Conquering mountain peaks doesn’t happen in one day or going it solo. From the very outset, we have forged ahead with a team of high-level Alpine climbers and guides - some real aces. Our project? While standing at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, we want to return to the essentials: simple, strong, effective products.

The Wild Road

At BLUE ICE, we hit our everyday climbs with our convictions firmly held: the curiosity that drives us to constantly explore new routes; a sense of respect, so as not to leave any traces because we like our mountains wild and pristineAlso, we believe that the best way to endure is to exercise the principles of honesty and humility towards both the mountain and our customers. The adventure has just begun.

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