Our Products are designed by and for mountain climbers.

Minimalist and ultra strong, they'll follow you from the local hills

to the world's most rugged alpine terrain, whatever is your favorite activity.


  • <p>Ski touring</p>

    Light, durable and functional products: your essential tools for long climbs and epic descents on virgin slopes.

  • <p>Mountaineering</p>

    Products designed by and for alpinists. Minimalist, highly durable and functional, they’ll follow you on all of your alpine adventures.

  • <p>Ice climbing</p>

    Products you can count on, whatever the challenge at hand: steep ice cigars, alpine gullies, and committing north faces.

  • <p>Rock climbing</p>

    Practical, light and indestructible: these products will survive years of abrasion on the roughest rock.

  • <p>Approach</p>

    Our products have been tested in the worst conditions. Streamlined but robust, they can handle the abuse.

Products made to last


Simply put, our products are guaranteed for a lifetime.


Our products have endured abuse from guides and alpinists in the toughest conditions. Now its your turn.


We strive for rigorous quality in every product so you can depend on them when it really matters.