Philip Pichlbauer


I’ve been living in Innsbruck, Austria since I was born in 1997. At the moment I work as a paramedic and I am hoping to move to Switzerland. 

What do you like about BLUE ICE philosophy

What I like most about BLUE ICE is the simplicity of the products. All of them are smart and efficient and perfect for the needs of an alpinist. Beside them BLUE ICE cares about the environment, which is something very important for me to. 

Your own definition of the word “Mountain”  

A peaceful place 

Your mountain specialty

Endurance and combined terrain.

Your best memory in the mountains

During my very first alpine solo, I reached a 4,300 meter high peak during the most beautiful sunrise.

Your worst memory in the mountains

Falling into a crevasse during the ascent of Bumiller Pillar.

A mountain ritual

I put on the left sock on my right foot and the right sock on my left foot. 

Your favourite BLUE ICE product

Dragonfly pack!

Your dream route

Does not exist at the moment, because I will be the first one who climbs it. But it is going to be on high altitude, with a lot of mixed terrain and first climbed in alpine style! 

A climber who inspired you

Hermann Buhl. Even today he would be one of the strongest alpinist on the planet.

Your motto

Afterwards I have an excuse for chocolate 

Your secret spot for

Rock climbing: Jebel Misht in Oman – challenging in all aspects

Ice Climbing: Seacliffs in Island - Unbelievable! 

Ski touring: Chamonix – because I love steep face skiing 

Favorite mountain hut: Mischabelhütte – The best team ever 


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