Our definition of light

The terms “Light” and “Fast” are interwoven and controversial in the world of mountaineering.

Is it good style to climb a north face in 2h30? Is it brilliant or crazy to use running shoes on the slopes of Mt Blanc? How durable is ultra-light equipment?

For BLUE ICE, "light" is about understanding the trade-offs and balancing priorities in our product design.The challenge is to design the lightest equipment while remaining functional, reliable, comfortable and durable.

This is where expertise and field testing are critical.

A final design involves a long process, with many trips between the field and the workshop. It has involved our employees, athletes, and ambassadors long before it ever gets to a customer. Just as the planning and training before an expedition, product design is a long and disciplined effort. 

So the “light” is not to equip less, but it is better equip and enjoy more!


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