Giuliano Bordoni

Giuliano Bordoni

I am born in Tirano
I live in Grosio (Valtellina)
I'm a butcher as my grand Farher, my farher, my oncles and my cousin. We Have a butcher's shop while my oncles are the producer of Bresaola, our tipical meat from Valtellina.
I'm a mountain Guide and Instructor of mountain guide too.

What do you like about Blue Ice philosophy

I start to love blue Ice at the first time because it was been the first brand who makes finally the backpack as I always wanted. They are like them backpacks: clean, simple, efficient. Just for real montagnard. Blue Ice staff are just montaineering people, on deep love for the mountains,  who create products for mountaneering. They are not an industry who built stuff just to sell it.

Your own definition of the word “Mountain”  

Mountain is my playground, is the place where i can live my dreams, is my shelter. Is my place to be.

Your best memory in the mountains

Cima Viola, on the corner between Val Grosina (my home village Valley) and Val Viola (my girfriend's home village valley). On this mountain i have so many memories, so many first things. :-)

Your worst memory in the mountains

Once I went up on Sasabianca with my sister, she always been scary, but that time she ties at my rope on the Ridge and step by step we reach the top. She always trust on me but it was the first time i felt to be so important and big for her. Sadly i keep close to me the regret to didnt told her how much she means to me.

Last year in China when my friend Massimo Braconi went completly covered by an avalanche. Luckily we bring him back to live faster, but i started to think so much, I start to make me so many question

Your favorite Blue Ice product
Warthog26 and choucas

Your dream route

Nant Blanche to descent with skis. Siffredi makes an incredibile descent there!

A climber who inspires you

There is more than one. First for sure Mark Twight for his kiss or kill mentality, with his book I started to go seriusly on the mountains, then Marco Siffredi for his vision, killian Jornet for his lightnees, my friends Bruno Compagnet and Alex Pittin because they had open me an incredible world. My father for his training method and his force. My mother who teach me to make me question all the time. For sure who inspire me most is my friend and mountain partner Bruno Mottini.

A mountain saying

Light, fast and deep

Your secret spot for :

My secret spot is wherever i can be in the mountains having fun with my friends or girlfriends!

Rock Climbing : Siurana-Spain
Ice Climbing: Banff -Alberta
Skitouring: Chamonix
Hut: Agriturismo Caricc - Val Viola

Giuliano Bordoni


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