Elisabeth Revol is headed for the highest summits!

Elisabeth Revol is a top-level alpinist who has achieved some fantastic ascents with efficiency and discretion. Today she is headed off to conquer new Himalayan summits.


Even covered with freeze, Elisabeth is happy.

Needless to say, she isn’t heading to the Manaslu region of Nepal just to take selfies with the yaks.

Manaslu (8,156m). A mountain that is as beautiful as it is impressive.

Elisabeth is not worried by the winter conditions, nor by the fact that few women attempt these summits. To the contrary, these elements seem to add spice to her expedition. She is certainly an alpinist who you’ll want to follow.

A brief interview with a woman who inspires us as much with her personal qualities as she does with her technical abilities.

Why this attraction for the tallest summits?

I have always been drawn to high altitude. As a kid I always wanted to climb higher in order to see what was above. I started to climb and ski at the age of 19, and began alpine climbing shortly thereafter. I got involved in these activities while I was studying for my degree in sports and exercise science. I have always been inspired by the mountains, but as a child and a teenager I didn’t have time to devote myself to these rather unconventional activities. Today my motivation is such that I’ve given up everything else to devote myself entirely to my passion. I love the mountains in every shape and form, and I enjoy doing lots of different mountain activities.

What are your favorite mountains?

I especially like the Ecrins range, the Mont Blanc massif, the Tatras (in Slovakia), and of course the Himalayas (from Nepal to Pakistan).

How to you choose a particular summit?

I often choose according to an activity. So my choice depends on the conditions. If there is powder or nice snowy couloirs, I’ll choose a face that can be skied. If a face is in good condition (dry or mixed) I’ll decide on an alpine climbing objective. If there is good waterfall ice I’ll get out my ice tools and go ice climbing. And if the conditions are no good in the mountains, I’d rather go rock climbing in the sun or dry tooling. I enjoy climbing a technical face as much as I do climbing a route that is a long endurance challenge. I’m an all-around alpinist.

Even though you don’t like talking about your objectives before you’ve achieved them, can you tell us a little about Manaslu?

I think it will be a powerful experience with perhaps some real moments of solitude, but I already know that it will be an amazing adventure in every regard.

We’ll keep you up to date on Elisabeth’s progress and we wish her a great trip!

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Elisabeth Revol


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