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Sales & Marketing

Jacques Sturm

Sales & Marketing

Adam Sotkin

Product Development

Leanne Thompson

Design Engineer

Charlie Boas

Sales & Marketing

Robert McAloney

Product Developpement

Peter Wilk


Bill Belcourt


F-X Delemotte

Sales & Marketing

Jerome Blanc-Gras


Clementine Junique


Maxime Franck


Virginie Lafond



Climbers moving mountains

Yes, it’s a team but above all, it’s a community of high-level mountain climbers and mountaineering guides sharing the same lofty passion.


Elisabeth Revol

A huge fan of sports and a great himalayist, Elisabeth is excited by the most difficult challenges.

Helias Millerioux

Helias is mountain guide and a gifted all-rounder alpinist.

Martín Elías

A Spanish climber with a solid experience and unbeatable sense of humour.

Robin Revest

Strong climber, versatile alpinist, mountain guide and talented photographer.

Pierre Hourticq

Pierre is an impressive skier who likes it when it’s far, isolated and especially steep.

Philipp Schädler

Mountain guide, ski alpinism

Antoine Rolle


Caroline Ware-George

Alpinist, Mountain guide

Silvestro Franchini

Alpinist, Climber

Tomas Franchini

Alpinist, Climber, mountain guide

Martin Schidlowski

Mountain guide, Alpinist

Giuliano Bordoni

Skier, Alpinist

Philip Pichlbauer


Jef Verstraeten

Alpinist, Climber

Elise Crison


Yuji Emoto

Extreme skier

Jonathan Crison

Mountain guide, Alpinist

Krister Jonsson

Mountain guide, Alpinist, Extreme skier

Matteo Giglio

Mountain guide, Alpinist

Clementine Junique

Skier, Alpinist,

Sylvie Drouillat


Camille Didillon

Climber, Alpinist

Marco Tamponi

Mountain guide, Alpinist

Olivier François

Mountain guide, Alpinist, Climber

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